With These Two Hands is a not for profit organisation. We educate and empower women living in poverty through training them to become hairdressers. This training enables them to find employment and provide for their families without having to resort to high-risk means.  

Cassandra Weller, Founder

“With my desire to educate and a memorable seven months backpacking around South America, I was inspired to create the With These Two Hands project. Our training programs give women with limited access to education and minimal job opportunities a skill they can use to build a better life.”

To empower women

To create better lives through providing hair dressing training to women living in poverty in South America.

Why we need your help

In the El Camal community in the South of Quito, Ecuador, many woman have little or no access to education or employment and are unable provide for their families. This often results in exploitation and desperate measures to survive. This includes women engaging in sex work, inhumane working conditions, and children working instead of going to school.

With your support we plan to deliver two further hairdressing training programs in 2015/16 which will result in around 40 women becoming certified hairdressers creating better lives. 

12.3% Donated / $ 4385 To Go
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Help us raise $5000 for our course starting 28th November with Joshua Coombes

  This year we are are so lucky to have the warm hearted Josh Coombes join the WT2H training team!

3.33% Donated / $ 1160 To Go
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Buy a mannequin head for $40

This November we wish to take at least 30 mannequin heads for the women to practice on during the training program.

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